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In the first quarter, it was sold one and a half times more SSD than HDD

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The study conducted by TrendFocus suggests that solid-state drives (SSD) continue to increase popularity: in the first quarter of this year, they were ahead of sales of traditional hard drives (HDD) in a 3: 2 ratio.


In the period from January to March inclusive, according to analyst estimates, three HDD manufacturers have implemented a total of 64.17 million devices. Meanwhile, SSD suppliers shipped total 99.44 million products.

The leader in the market of solid-state drives in the first quarter of this year has become Samsung with a share of 25.3% in bargaining. Thus, the South Korean giant controls a quarter of the corresponding segment.

In second place is Western Digital with a 18.2% SSD segment in physical terms. Closes the Troika KiOXIA (former Toshiba Memory) from 13.3%.

Здесь и ниже диаграммы Trendfocus / StorageNewsletter

SSD suppliers shares. Here and below chart TrendFocus / StorageEnewsletter

If we consider the industry in terms of an exam, then the leadership remains behind hard drives: the total capacity of the HDD implemented in the last quarter reached 288.3 ebt. For comparison: the total SSD container shipped in the first three months of the year was 61.5 ebtes.

Доли поставщиков SSD в Эбайт

SSD suppliers share in Evt

According to Research and Markets calculations, the volume of the global market of solid-state drives in 2020 was $ 34.86 billion. By 2026, this figure is predicted, up to $ 80.34 billion will increase.

In the segment of rigid discs, sales in the 2020s, according to Gartner estimates, were at the level of $ 20.7 billion in 2022, according to experts, this value will increase to $ 22.6 billion.

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