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Huawei began selling electric cars Seres SF5 in their stores in China

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Huawei announced during the 19th Shanghai International Exhibition of the Automotive Industry on the start of sales of electric vehicles with an enlarged stock of SERES SF5 in its flagship stores throughout China. Seres became the first automaker, which joined the universal ecosystem of the interaction of devices “1 + 8 + N” by Huawei.

The executive director of Huawei Consumer Business Group Richard Yu called this news very important both for the consumer electronics industry and the electric vehicle industry. “In the future, we plan to offer our customers not only clever solutions for creating intellectual cars, but also sell them through our retail network throughout China,” he added.

The new crossover SERES SF5 uses the Huawei Driveone drive system “3-B-1” created by Huawei together with Seres to increase the range of electric vehicles. The system allows not only to increase autonomy, but also increase the performance of electric motors to the level of world-class models.

The electric car supports urban mode with a stroke of 180 km and the advanced stock mode with a range of more than 1000 km. Seres SF5 is equipped with a light aluminum chassis and four ball joints, has a front suspension on double transverse levers and a multi-type rear suspension, providing faster acceleration, smoothness, and stability on the road. To accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, Seres SF5 leaves 4.68 s.

Emergency recharging mode allows you to recharge the battery of another electric vehicle (V2V). You can also use an electric vehicle battery to provide external consumer energy (V2L), for example, in campsite, for induction plates, stereos and other equipment while traveling.

The body of SERES SF5, made of a thermal molding under a pressure of 1500 MPa, corresponds to the rigidity of strict safety standards. The automatic driver assistance system when driving L2 + level, when driving in traffic, as well as adaptive cruise control and other functions provide elevated comfort both when traveling around the city and traveling over long distances.

Seres SF5 is equipped with sports front seats with ventilation, heating and massage functions, as well as the ability to personalize settings for a more comfortable fit and exit machine.

Updated Seres SF5 will be purchased in Huawei stores in China from April 21 with the ability to use the test drive service. The electric car is available in four color options, including the Ocean Blue (Deep Ocean Blue), coal black (Charcoal Black), pearl white (Pearl White) and Titanium-silver gray (Titanium Silver Grey). The interior is presented in three versions: imaginary black (Midnight Black), red grenade (Garnet Red) and ivory (Ivory White).

The price of the model SERES SF5 (4WD) – 246,800 yuan (7.9 thousand), model Seres SF5 (2WD) costs 216,800 yuan (3.3 thousand).

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