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Huawei ranked third in the delivery of wearable gadgets in Russia

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The study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) suggests that Huawei has occupied the third place for the delivery of wearable devices in Russia and in the world as a whole.

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It was estimated that in 2020, a global scale, 444.7 million various wearable gadgets were sold, which is 28.4% more compared to 2019, when shipping was equal to 346.4 million units.

For the past year, Huawei has implemented 43.5 million wearable devices, taking 9.8% of the world market. For comparison: in 2019, the company’s supply was equal to 28.9 million units, and the share is 8.3%. Thus, for the year of shipment of wearable gadgets, Huawei jumped one and a half times.

According to IDC for 2020, in Russia, Huawei has demonstrated the largest annual growth rate for sales of wearable devices – 164%. As a result, this Chinese telecommunications giant took third place in the ranking of leading suppliers.

«Given the interest of consumers in smart clocks and sports bracelets, Huawei continues to invest in the development of technologies of its product line. At the end of last year, Huawei Health Lab laboratory opened in China, where the team of engineers and scientists is working on new solutions to improve people’s lives, creating innovative technologies and products for sports and monitoring health status, “the company notes.

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