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Huawei unveils smart home project at MWC Shanghai 2021

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HUAWEI has unveiled its first comprehensive smart home project at MWC Shanghai 2021 in China. The 550 m2 home includes a living room, kitchen, study, home gym, entertainment room and garage.

Smart home is a key component in HUAWEI’s strategy to build the Seamless AI Life ecosystem. The project combines technologies such as HUAWEI HiLink, HarmonyOS and HUAWEI HiCar, using an AI-based voice assistant to control smart home systems.

The user just needs to say a few words to turn on the voice assistant and activate the “Return to Home” mode, in which the smart home system will start the operation of the air purifier, turn on the lighting, and the curtains will automatically close.

The smart home kitchen is equipped with HarmonyOS-controlled household appliances. Connection to them is provided with one touch of the smartphone. Your steamer, blender, and other cooking devices are loaded with recipes to make cooking easier.

The living room has a 65-inch 4K-TV HUAWEI Vision and HUAWEI Sound X speaker system. The user can select a movie on the HUAWEI Video platform in the AiMax Cinema section.

In the gym of the smart home there is a simulator for golf lovers, on which training can be carried out under the control of the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro smart watch, which records the number of hits, the speed of the ball and the amount of calories burned. In turn, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT smartwatch will help you during rowing and other cardio and anaerobic training, providing an assessment of the state of the body, recommended recovery times and making individual recommendations. And HUAWEI Vision TV, with AI Fitness, can help you with yoga and other challenging exercises. The technology analyzes body position using intelligent algorithms, recognizes posture and provides helpful advice in real time.

In the garage, the user can open the car door using a smartphone. After turning on the ignition, mobile applications and services such as navigation and music will automatically switch to the car’s multimedia system. The connected household appliances can be operated using the control panel screen. For example, driving up to the house, you can remotely turn on the air conditioner and lighting from the car.

Since HUAWEI announced it was entering the smart home market in 2018, its proprietary ecosystem of connected devices has expanded significantly. The launch of the HarmonyOS operating system promises to further accelerate its development. HUAWEI currently has over 800 partners in the HiLink platform, which covers over 220 million IoT devices. HarmonyOS has so far attracted over 20 hardware manufacturers and 280 app developers to build the HUAWEI ecosystem. More than 40 popular brands are expected to partner with HUAWEI in 2021 to bring more than 100 million HarmonyOS devices to market.

The presentation at MWC Shanghai 2021 reaffirmed that HUAWEI is betting on smart home technology, laying the foundation for an ecosystem with HUAWEI HiLink and HarmonyOS.

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