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Austrian postal service released the world’s first brand with NFC support

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The technology of distributed registers, better known as the blockchain, can be used not only for cryptocurrency operations, but also to track goods and poisoning in logistics. Postal services of individual countries are ready to take this technology for weapons. The Austrian Post decided to start with the release of the postage stamp with the built-in NFC chip.

Image source: Austrian Post, Bloomberg

A microcircuit that contains a digital token is located on the postage stamp with the image of a whale – an animal, often associated with large cryptocurrency market players. This is no longer the first to send, because Mail Austria over the past three years has already doubled the brand of such subjects. One of them was depicted unicorn, to another – a dog associated with DOGECOIN. Back in 2017, the Postal Service of Austria began to produce vouchers in cryptocurrency with a par value of up to 500 euros.

The new brand with whale is estimated at 9.90 euros, it will be released in a circulation of 100 thousand copies and will go into appeal on June 21 of this year. According to representatives of the Austrian post office, this is the first brand in the world with a built-in NFC chip. It can be used to read information with special scanners and devices. The use of blockchain technology in this area should increase the rate of processing correspondence and the accuracy of its tracking.

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