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Earth laws will not defend space tourists

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During the coming July flight of the New Shepard ship, Space tourist Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) will be forced to fully rely on the safety standards developed by the company created by him for two decades ago. Earth rules on space do not yet apply.


The same applies to the small group of cloumurists, in the company with whom he intends to fly, and thousands of new people are already standing on flights. According to The Wall Street Journal edition, at the moment none of them is protected by careful safety standards provided by federal laws of the United States – even those used to manage air transportation.

While passengers who want to fly on the New Shepard of Blue Origin are obliged to sign the agreements in accordance with which any trials in relation to travel organizers in the case of possible incidents. Next year, Virgin Galactic Holdings intends to send tourists to space on the same conditions.

In 2004, the US Congress made “self-regulation” of the space industry in order to accelerate preparations for passenger transportation. Then followed years of delays and events that slow down the development of the industry. In particular, in 2014, the Virgin Galactic pilot died during test flight.

While the jurisdiction of the Federal Civil Aviation Department of the United States is limited to ensuring the safety of citizens and the environment during starts and landings. According to the representative of the department, “Congress did not allow the Office to extend its power to regulate the security of the team or other space flight participants.” In other words, everything that happens in space remains in space.

All interested parties are negotiated whether more hard rules should be applied to flight management. For example, to pre-train tourists, taking into account the inevitable overload and stay in weightlessness.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic declare that they are already adhere to strict security standards. Flights at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars are very short-time. Blur Origin will run tourists for 10 minutes, Virgin Galactic clients will have to fly more than two hours, since the main capsule runs from the aircraft flying at high altitude.

It is worth noting that Jeff Bezos himself acts as a peculiar guarantor of the security of its technologies – on the first flight he himself will go on July 20, his brother and winner of a charity auction, the results of which will be submitted on Saturday.



Blue Origin is reported that the rates have already made more than 6,000 people from 143 countries, last night the leader was ready to pay 4.8 million dollars. In fact, the main requirement of the company to passengers will be able to climb the ship in 90 seconds – its main capsule connects seven staircases from the earth. Otherwise, health care lies on the conscience of the passengers themselves. Virgin Galactic stated that the preparation provides for medical advice.

Companies provide training for two or three days, while Blue Origin declare that the journey requires minimal training. The cost of space flight equipment implies that it was experienced much less intensively than commercial airliners, whose new models receive thousands of clips of the bell before going to serial production and transport passengers.

In addition to the risks associated with the design of ships and possible errors of pilots, some passengers will experience health problems. Effects like discomfort in the so-called. The “middle ear” arising during ordinary flights may increase repeatedly, many people experience nausea when meeting weightlessness and, of course, they can simply be injured if they remain unexplored after the return of gravity.

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