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TCL concept turns 6.87 “phone in 10” tablet, allowing you to add and twist the display

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TCL again showed the concept of a folding telephone – and this is the monster of Frankenstein, which has already slipped the information in March, created as if from two previously demonstrated options for folding devices. Named Fold ‘N’ Roll, it combines a DragonHinge folding loop technology with a twisted display panel.

The result is a 6.87-inch telephone, which can be folded to the size of the 8.85-inch tablet or additionally expand to a full-fledged 10-inch tablet. In addition to actually curious images, the company does not offer any other details.

TCL says that still studies the technical characteristics of this type of devices. In other words, it is not worth counting on the appearance of FOLD ‘N’ ROLL in the near future. However, TCL also promised to run some kind of modern phone with a folding screen until the end of 2021. The company demonstrated a lot of concepts in the past, but there were no massive real products with bending displays.

Nevertheless, many hoped that TCL will be able to fill the vacuum on the market with respect to available bends or twisted devices. Currently, such folding devices are very expensive and they are bypass in two or three prices of a good flagship. By the way, Samsung also hints at the release of a cheaper flexible device in the near future, but while Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2 are still very expensive.

The concept of Rollable with a twisted display from LG may have been intended for the flagship device, but with the departure of the manufacturer from the business of smartphones, we will no longer know if this technology could appear in more mass devices.

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