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Acer introduced flagship gaming 4k monitors for PCs and modern consoles

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Acer has expanded the model range of branded monitors by three new devices of the Predator series. Novelties are designed for both PC owners and console gamers. All of them received permission 4k. The older 42.5-inch model boasts the HDMI 2.1 interface, and the 37.5-inch monitor will offer users support for NVIDIA G-Sync Esports.


Acer Predator CG437K S must attract users a large diagonal, which is 42.5 inches. Thanks to the support of HDMI 2.1, a new monitor will display an image in a resolution of 4K with a frequency of 120 Hz. Users will also be able to use the variable frequency of the screen update (Adaptive Sync), which will help make the image more smooth when the frame rate issued by the graphics processor does not coincide with the shift speed on the monitor. The novelty should be a good choice for Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5, which are deprived of the DisplayPort connector and rely exclusively on HDMI 2.1 to output 4K images with high frame rate.

Predator CG437K S supports NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. The device also boasts a convenient USB concentrator, which contains two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, as well as USB Type-C, which provides current transmission up to 30 W. The monitor will enter the market in November at a price of $ 1800.



Predator X38 S aimed primarily on PC gamers. The 37.5-inch device supports NVIDIA G-SYNC ESports technology, which ensures not only smooth image output, but also the minimum delay. Special color scheme setting will allow players to better distinguish objects in dark areas of the game space. It is assumed that this monitor will especially like gamers preferring competitive games such as CS: GO. The Predator X33 S matrix has a response time of only 0.3 ms, and the screen update frequency reaches 175 Hz. The display has a bend of 2300r. The cost of the monitor will be $ 2000.



Predator X28 has become the most compact and most affordable monitor among today’s innovations. The 28-inch device boasts the response time of 1 ms and the update frequency of 155 Hz. Acer focuses on an incredibly accurate color reproduction of IPS-matrix with Delta E Eye

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