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Amazon invited employees of “Relaxation Camera”, breeding many memes

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After numerous publications about adverse work conditions in Amazon, the company decided to adjust the image, providing employees with the possibility of a short-term recreation. The newest solution – cameras for Amazen relaxation.


In order to smooth out news about psychological overloads at Amazon’s work sites, special cabins for removing stress were built in the working hangars. Employees may be prevailed if psychological fatigue feel, see “short videos, which contain simple instructions for preserving well-being, including instructions on meditation processes, positive affirmations, soothing scenes with sound accompaniment.”

Some networking networks took the initiative extremely negatively and have already called them “despair booths” and even, by analogy with the Futuram cartoon series, “suicide booths”. Earlier, world media reported that Amazon employees do not even have time to satisfy natural physiological needs, so users believe that the installation of sanitary amenities in step accessibility would be much more important for them instead of Cabins for Amazen meditation.

Amazon has already posted a video with a demonstration of the work of a similar cabin to relaxation. Although later she herself deleted his post from Twitter, users have already reburied it on YouTube.

This is not the only initiative of the company, but judging by numerous responses on the Internet – the enemies of such undertakings are very much. It is possible that the situation with the exploitation of employees may change with the arrival of the new Director-General Andy Jesse (Andy Jassy) on July 5.

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