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GlobalFoundries will use military technology in the 5G chips of the new generation

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GlobalFoundries will produce high-performance new generation chips for 5G and 6G networks under Raytheon Technologies license. The developed semiconductor technologies were previously intended for use in the US defense industry.


Raytheon Technologies has created chips using gallium nitride – they are able to withstand heating to higher temperatures and work in systems with greater power consumption than their “traditional” predecessors applied in 5G networks today.

According to the general director of GlobalFoundries Tom Caulfield (Tom Caulfield), development provides performance, “changing the rules of the game” for a new generation of smartphones, cars, smart power grids and even national security systems.

Raytheon Technologies from Massachusetts (USA) is engaged in the development of aerospace and defense technologies.

Globalfoundries with headquarters in Malta and New York belongs to Holding Mubadala Investment Company from the UAE. At the factory in Vermont (USA) acquired in 2014, IBM works about 2000 people.

Partners consider the release of chips at the Fab 9 Vermont Plant will make them more “available.” At the same time, the company calls the high cost of electricity in the state by a factor limiting the success of production. This year, GlobalFoundries filed a regulator an application for organizing its own power generation.

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