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Google and Samsung combined efforts to make a better Wear OS system for smart watches

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Google and Samsung announced partnership, the purpose of which is to improve the Wear OS operating system for wearable devices. The first devices on the basis of the new platform will be the future hours of Samsung Galaxy and Fitbit.


It is not surprising if you remember the rumors about the SAMSUNG transition to the operating system for wearable devices from Google. Yes, and Fitbit for some time is part of the search giant. Experts suggest that Google’s cooperation and Samsung in the field of wearable devices will allow the smart watches on the Wear OS base to make a worthy competition of Apple Watch. Google reported that the first devices running on new software will debut by this fall.

Samsung in conjunction with Google is not just the following version of Wear OS, but also work on optimizing the latest chipsets for wearable devices and the implementation of support for various sensors. It is reported that already at this stage the companies managed to increase the speed of launching applications by 30 percent and achieve an incredibly smooth reproduction of the interface animations.

It is assumed that future smart watches based on Google and Samsung’s joint developments will be better working with cellular communication, and will also offer users a better autonomy and a wider set of health care opportunities. In addition, Google Maps in the new OS will be able to work without the need to connect to the smartphone, and YouTube Music will receive an autonomous musical mode.



It is likely that existing devices will not be able to upgrade to the new software. The Google spokesman focused on the fact that companies are focused on developing an OS for devices with the latest chip sets, therefore existing FitBit smart watches are unlikely to receive the appropriate updates. In turn, Samsung performed perfectly clearly that the existing models of her branded smart hours would not receive an update to the new OS, but will be supported for three more years.

All watches on the basis of a new platform will receive a Google Play shop, which will appear selected applications and services, previously available on the SAMSUNG GALAXY clock. Unfortunately, this does not concern the S-Health service, the data from which users of Galaxy Watch will need to be exported to Google Fit.

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