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Honor dispelled rumors about no permission to use Google Android

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Honor quickly responded to yesterday’s rumors that its products are not authorized to work with Google Android operating systems. News authors argued that for this reason Honor will not be able to sell its products outside the PRC and put less smartphones than planned.


Honor has already made a statement in which it is argued that rumors about the absence of Google authorization on the use of Android OS are false. Moreover, according to the company, on May 28, it has already successfully joined the GSMA Association, which unites mobile operators and electronics manufacturers from around the world.

After receiving independence from Huawei, Honor has 8,000 employees, including developers, sales specialists, purchasing, marketers and those engaged directly by production. Earlier, the CEO of Zhao Min (Zhao Ming) reported that since June the company will fully restore the chain of chip supplies.

From the moment of receipt of formal independence, the manufacturer gradually restores contacts with partners and suppliers, including AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel and MediaTek, and in the afternoon Honor even intends to release smartphones on the flagship chipsets Snapdragon 888 / Pro. In addition, in June, Honor 50 should be on sale with Snapdragon 778G 5G. According to representatives of the company, the novelty will have pre-installed Google services.



At one time, Huawei (and respectively, Honor) was subjected to sanctions from the United States, prohibiting American companies to have business with her. In particular, this meant that the Chinese manufacturer would not be able to use Google services and acquire Qualcomm chipsets. Later, the United States completely banned all companies using any American technologies, deal with Huawei and Honor, after which the first was left anything else, except to sell their own popular sub-worn. Nevertheless, no Honor model appeared in retail with the support of Google services.

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