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NVIDIA shares jumped after announcement of their crushing

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The value of NVIDIA shares jumped today after the Chipmeaker announced the crushing of each shares to four to make them more affordable for investors and employees of the company.


The separation should be approved by shareholders at the annual meeting of the company in Santa Clara, California. It will be held third June. If the crushing shares will be approved, their number will be about four billion. Currently, NVIDIA has about 622.4 million shares in circulation. Each value was $ 584.50 at the time of the closure of trading on Thursday. The company is estimated at $ 363.8 billion.



In connection with the announcement of crushing, the cost of NVIDIA shares on the New York Stock Exchange rose by 3.1 percent after the start of trading on Friday. Note that this year the value of the company’s shares is already 12 percent.

If the shareholders approve the NVIDIA plan, each registered shareholder of the company on June 21 will receive dividends in the amount of three additional shares per share belonging to it.

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