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Productive Mac Mini new generation will receive an updated design and a thin case

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Last week, Bloomberg reports that Apple works on a new, more productive version of the Mac Mini computer. It is assumed that the device will be based on a powerful ARM chipset of the same family as the coming Mac Pro. Now insider John Prosser showed the coming Mac Mini on rendering.


According to prosper, the new computer will retain the main features of the design of the current Mac Mini, but it will become noticeable thinner. The insider declares that the device will offer users the same set of connectors as the latest Mac mini based on the Intel processor. If this data is confirmed, users will receive four Thunderbolt ports, two USB Type-A, Ethernet and HDMI. Another difference from the predecessor will be the case, the top panel of which will be made of plexiglas.



Prosser said that Apple is working on two-color options for Mac Mini, similar to the colors of new iMac. Insider also noted that the new compact computer will receive the same magnetic power connector as the newest IMAC.

Recall that the current MAC MINI on the basis of the ARM processor M1 was presented in November last year. It is not yet clear when new high-performance Mac mini will be presented. Bloomberg and altogether declares that Apple can still change the release of a powerful compact computer.

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