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Royole has developed an elastic Micro-LED display with rubber tape properties

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Royole declared the creation of the first type of elastic Micro-LED displays suitable for mass production. Screens made by such technology can be twisted, stretching, to give them almost any form. In the future, this can completely change the electronics market.


Royple is more known as its folding smartphones that are nevertheless not belong to the leaders of the popularity of similar type devices. Now she presented the first version of the elastic display, ready for industrial use. The rendered 2.7-inch sample with a resolution of 96 × 60 pixels can almost hiking and stretched, while maintaining performance. Available while the pixel density is 120 ppi.

Although the ability to deformation is not absolute and in Royole, it is not recommended to flex a display by more than 40 degrees, the mounted space still remains quite enough to issue the most unusual gadgets. In particular, the company provides for the use of supplemented and virtual reality in glasses, as smart front windows of cars and other electronics, in which transparent screens must be used.



On the timing of the introduction of technology will be announced later. While the developer must come up with how to “scale” micro-LED displays up to larger. It is equally important to find consumers of their products – you have to compete with giants like Samsung, developing our own flexible displays.

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