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Samsung will continue to produce LCD displays by the end of next year.

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Last spring, Samsung declared the intention to completely go from the LCD-displays to the end of 2020, fully focused on QLED. As it turned out later, the company hurried and the production of LCD continues until now. It is possible that the release of liquid crystal matrices will continue in the future.


According to data published by South Korean media, production can last until the end of next year. If earlier the company intended to go to more progressive technologies like panels on QLED quantum points, then the growth of demand and prices for liquid crystal components, which began last June and continuing so far, forced the management to revise plans.

Samsung Display extended the release time on the Samsung Electronics request, who wants to still receive LCD batch. If the division remains production to the next year, Samsung will have more accommodation opportunities with companies such as Chinese Boe and Csot. Usually they offer displays at low prices, but not excluded, can make an additional discount if the company retain its own industrial power. Additionally, Samsung buys matrices and LG Display.

The final decision on the extension of production will be presumably taken by the end of the current month.

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