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Spacex launched new Starlink satellites, successfully returned to the carrier rocket on the marine platform

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Spacex successfully completed the next space mission. The company delivered 60 satellites to orbit for the “global” Internet Starlink using Falcon 9 launch vehicles. This is already sixteenth flights to the company for the company in the current year and the second – for this ship reusable.


«What a wonderful day to start missiles. As you can see, Falcon 9 successfully started from the platform 40 of the Cape Cape Canaveral Space Force Platform, with a group of 60 Starlink satellites into orbit, “said SPACEX engineer Yumay Zhou (Youumei Zhou).

No less important is that this Falcon 9 missile has been used for the second time and successfully landed on the marine platform after the flight. About ten minutes after the takeoff, the first stage of the spacecraft returned to the ground, sowing on the ship’s platform with ironic name Just Read The Instructions. It is noteworthy that all flights of SPACEX in 2021 were performed on the rockets already used at least once.

The Mission Starlink 28 is unique in its own way, as the company used one of its least “worn” missiles. Usually, its own projects is implemented on an older equipment, reserving new media for commercial launches ordered by side.



Ilona Mask company expects not only to create a satellite public Internet with a global coating, but also hopes that its universal use will allow you to find funds for the development of deep space – such as the StarShip program. Now there are already 1737 satellites in orbit, including test versions. The plans are launching several more thousands of thousands.

As long as Starlink is still in beta testing, the beginning of publicly available commercial operation is expected until the end of this year. It is known that pre-orders for equipment have already left more than 500,000 people.

The B1063 accelerator, who brought a grouping into orbit, has already successfully worked in November 2020, taking part in the launch of the cartographic satellite. Only this is the 66th re-flight of the company’s reusable accelerators. A few years ago, Ilon Mask stated that each Falcon 9 would be able to fly up to 10 times with the elimination of small problems between flights and up to 100 times before he would go “on peace.” This indicator has already been achieved with another carrier – B1051, which have already made 10 flights and continuing.

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