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Chip deficiency will last a year and a half, and Intel and AMD will be engaged in a price war.

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Published quarterly reports Lenovo, HP Inc. And Dell allowed sectoral analysts to form a forecast for the development of the PC market for the coming months. While the demand for computers remains high, but sooner or later it will begin to decline. Before this happens, Intel and AMD can get involved in the price war for place in the market, according to Citi Research experts.

Image Source: Bloomberg

Analytian comments publishes Barron’s resource. The authors of the analytical notes refer to the statements by Lenovo representatives, which predicted the preservation of the shortage of components for the next one and a half years. The most optimistic assessments, we recall, at the quarterly conference, the HP Inc. management was expressed by, counting on the victory over the deficit by the end of this year. Dell does not exclude the preservation of the deficit until the undefined period of the next year, and Lenovo calls to be patient before its second half.

Intel and AMD receive approximately half of their revenue from the implementation of components for PCs, and Micron Technology is about a quarter. For all three companies, high demand for computers ensures the stability of profile revenue in the coming months. In the medium term, according to Citi Research analysts, Intel and AMD will have to resort to the price war to defend their position in the PC market. According to Mercury Research, in the first quarter, processors’ supply volumes for personal computers increased by 41%, which is the most noticeable increase since 1996. Intel managed to preserve 81% of the desktop market and 82% of the mobile, although AMD wore a year 0.7 percentage points in the first case and 1 percentage point in the second.

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