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HP Inc. revenue And Dell exceeded expectations, but investors fear that the PC market reached the peak

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The two largest American PC manufacturers this week reported on the results of the quarter, completed on April 30. In each case, the revenue exceeded the market expectations of $ 1 billion, but Dell and HP Inc. shares After publishing reporting, investors are scared by the continuing deficit of components and the prospect of reduced demand.

Image Source: Reuters

HP Inc. Guide It stated that problems with the availability of components will interfere with the company to meet the demand fully until the end of 2021, Dell representatives in their comments went even further, predicting the preservation of the deficit until next year. Dell shares fell by 1%, in the case of HP Inc. The decrease exceeded 6%.

Cumulative revenue HP Inc. Last quarter increased by 27% to $ 15.9 billion, Dell increased revenue by 12% to $ 24.5 billion. The first of the companies also raised the annual profit forecast, but investors did not convince it. DELL Financial Director Tom Sweet (Tom Sweet) said that the increased cost of components would force the company to raise prices for their products. In the second quarter, revenues are usually consistently increased by 6%, but this year Dell will face worse dynamics, as the company’s representatives await.

In the direction of the PC in general HP Inc. Increased revenue by 27%, and laptop sales brought to her 47% more than a year earlier. Specializing on sales of desktop systems and laptops DELL division increased revenue by 20%. In the consumer segment, the company observed revenue growth by 42% to $ 3.5 billion, at the corporate direction, the increase was limited to 14%, but the amount of revenue itself was $ 9.8 billion.

Business HP Inc. Under the implementation of printing devices last quarter, faced low demand, except for the noticeable growth of the volume of expenditure materials against the back of some corporate clients to work in offices after a remote regime. According to IDC, the entire PC market in the first quarter increased by 55.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

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