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Huawei by the end of the year will develop a 3-nm mobile processor

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Recently, Huawei met with rigid pressure from the American authorities, actually having lost opportunities to normally produce smartphones. Nevertheless, the Chinese electronics manufacturer continues its own development of chipsets for the future.


As you know, after the introduction of sanctions against Huawei by the United States from cooperation with the company was forced to refuse Taiwanese TSMC, which made KIRIN branded processors for Huawei smartphones developed by the subsidiary of the Chinese Giant Hisilicon.

Nevertheless, according to the latest data, Huawei Technologies on April 22 submitted an application for registration of the Kirin Processor trademark, in the international classification, it refers to the category “9 scientific instruments”. Probably, the company did not leave hope to return to the market in the future.



According to some reports, Huawei develops a new generation mobile chipset KIRIN 9010, which is expected to be produced in accordance with the 3rd technological process. The design of a single-grip system must be completed by the company independently until the end of this year. The processor is focused on the use of the company’s flagship smartphones and tablets.

Taking into account the fact that the 3-nm TSMC technical process is still not enough, mass production will begin not earlier than 2022. It is possible that by that time Huawei will succeed in achieving certain agreements with the American authorities – if the company succeeds, the company will already be developed, ready to immediately produce.

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