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Spotify for Android and IOS has its own voice assistant

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Spotify developers continue to make a musical service attractive to users. This time it became known about the appearance of his own voice assistant, with which you can manage the music reproducible through voice commands. The innovation has become available to a limited number of users of the service on devices running Android and iOS.

To start interaction with the voice assistant, it is enough to say “Hi, Spotify” when the service application is open. With it, you can control playback, listen to some specific tracks and playlists or the music of the performers of interest. It is very convenient, because to control it is not necessary to constantly take a smartphone in your hands, it is enough to give the appropriate voice command to switch to listening to something or stop playback.

To use the new feature, you will need to give the Spotify permission to use the device microphone. The voice assistant itself can be activated in the Voice Interactions section of the application settings menu. Privacy Policy Spotify indicates that the service saves records and decrypt voice commands only after waking up the assistant using the appropriate command or pressing the voice control button in the application.

Of course, the voice assistant Spotify cannot be compared with analogues, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. However, inside the music service it will be very useful. Developers tested a new feature for several weeks, and now started its scale distribution. Obviously, it will be necessary for a while before the voice assistant Spotify will be available to all users of the service.

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