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The Google Messages appears the opportunity to fix the conversations and celebrate individual messages.

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Over the past few months, the Google Messages app, which is the basic means of sending messages on smartphones with Android, received a number of useful functions. According to network sources, the developers do not intend to stop the development of this product and soon the application will receive some more new features, including the ability to fix the conversation at the top of the list and mark individual messages.

Image: XDA Developers

The enthusiasts explored the Google Messages 8.1.050 code and found in it the indication of the emergence of the previously mentioned functions. The first innovation involves the possibility of fixing individual conversations at the top of the list. Due to this, users will be more convenient to interact with chosen conversations, as they will always be in sight. At the moment, the Messages program code mentions the possibility of consolidation at the beginning of the list up to three conversations, but by the time of the official launch of this function, this value can be changed.

Together with the functions of the conversations, the enthusiasts found in the code mention of another useful tool. We are talking about the possibility to celebrate individual messages, for example, some important messages that can be useful in the future. After the mark, such messages can be easily found using the embedded search. It is also assumed that all marked messages will be highlighted in an asterisk.

It is worth noting that at the moment the functions mentioned are not available to users of stable versions of Google Messages. When exactly the developers plan their launch, is still unknown.

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