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WhatsApp sued the Government of India due to new user data processing rules

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According to network sources, representatives of the popular WhatsApp messenger appealed to the India Supreme Court with a statement of claim against local authorities. The reason for the trial is the new rules for regulating social networks, which, in the opinion of the messenger, violate the rights of citizens to privacy.

Image: Thomas White / Reuters

We are talking about the position, in accordance with which WhatsApp is obliged to provide data on the first sender of the information on the request of the authorities. Although the new rules affect the users of the messenger suspected of offenses, they will entail the disclosure of these people, which, according to WhatsApp, is unacceptable. The fact is that messages transmitted in the messenger are protected by cross-cutting encryption. This means that in the event of disclosure of information about the sender of the message, data on the recipient will also be revealed.

According to available data, WhatsApp, the user base of which in India has about 400 million people, appealed to the court on Wednesday. What dates for the service complaint will be considered as long as unknown. Official representatives of WhatsApp refused to comment on this issue. The government representative said that the messenger could find a way to identify offenders without resorting to hacking encryption.

The source notes that the new trial exacerbates the struggle between the Government of India, led by Narendra Modi and technological giants, such as Facebook and Alphabet, which is the parent company for Google, on one of the largest markets.

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