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Apple: the new Siri Remote console does not need a local technology, because it is so hard to lose

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Last month, Apple introduced the updated remote control Siri Remote for the Apple TV TV console. Since then, users have discussed possible reasons for which the device has not received the support of the local technology, due to which the remote could be easily found in case of loss. The answer to this question was given by the Vice-President of Apple Tim Framed (Tim Twerdahl).

Image: Chris Welch / The Verge

It turned out that the reason in the thickness of the console, which should prevent it from falling between the sofa pillows. “We are pleased with the fact that Airtag and Chip U1 contributed to the creation of a Find My network, consisting of more than 1 billion devices around the world and helping to find your items. But the new console, in our opinion, will not be easy to lose. Thanks to the changes that we have contributed to Siri Remote, including making it thicker, the remote will fail between the sofa pillows, “this question commented on Tim solid.

Many people faced difficulties in searching the remote control from the TV or TV consoles, therefore the voiced cause of the absence in the U1 chip console looks strange. Mr. hardly could say that such a modification accelerates the process of discharging the battery of the console, makes it more expensive or that the remote control was created before the development of the U1 chip. However, Apple believes that the thickness of the console is sufficient to be less raw.

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