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OnePlus Designs a smart TV with a swivel camera for video links

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OnePlus reflects on the release of a TV equipped with an unusual camera for organizing video links. Information about the novelty, as reported by the resource LETSGODIGITAL, published on the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO website.

Here and below illustration letsgodigital

By idea, the oneplus, the camera will have a retractable design. It can hide in the top of the TV case, which will eliminate the possibility of hidden observation when video call is not used.

Moreover, the camera will be able to rotate to the left and right: this will allow users during video conferencing to be in any place of the room, and not just before the screen.

It is noted that the position of the camera will change automatically thanks to the means of tracking the face of the user. In addition, it will be possible to rotate this module manually – with the remote control.

Alas until the ONEPLUS TV with the camera described exists only in patent documentation. About the timing of the possible appearance of new items in the commercial market is not reported.

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