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Samsung showed a flexible S-shaped screen and 17 “folding display

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Samsung Display as part of the SID event (SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION DISPLAY), Display Week 2021, held from 17 to May 21, has demonstrated the latest achievements in the screens development area for various devices.

Here and below illustration samsung display

In particular, the flexible display of the S-shaped form is shown. This panel is based on organic LEDs (OLED), and its design provides two fold lines. In the folded state, the user will deal with a smartphone, in the unfolded – with a full-fledged tablet computer.

Another novelty is a folding display of 17 inches diagonally. Devices equipped with this panel will be able to function in a laptop and tablet mode. It is known that the aspect ratio of the screen is 4: 3.

In addition, Samsung has a drawn display for smartphones. Such a panel can be twisted inside the housing of the cellular apparatus. If necessary, the user will be able to pull it out by receiving a large screen for viewing multimedia materials or work immediately with multiple applications.

Finally, the display for laptop computers with Under Panel Camera technology (UPC) is shown. This screen contains a camera for video conferencing. This execution allows you to minimize the width of the upper frame above the display.

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