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ASUS will start producing more motherboards based on AMD X570 with passive cooling

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Earlier, rumors appeared about the imminent appearance on the market of motherboards with an updated X570S chipset. Now it became known that the prefix “S” refers to system logic for motherboards with passive cooling. It became clear after the ASUS company published on Twitter and Reddit platforms the Teaser of the coming announcement of two motherboards with passive cooling based on AMD X570S, which should take place in the third quarter of this year.

Image: Asus.

«Have you hoped for the emergence of new motherboards, such as ASUS ROG Crosshair Viii Dark Hero? ASUS ROG will offer you more motherboards that will appear in the third quarter and will be equipped with a passive cooling chipset. Follow the updates, “- leads the source of the word technical manager of ASUS Huan Jose Guerrero (Juan Jose Guerrero).

Изображение: ASUS

Image: Asus.

The AuSU ROG account in the Twitter network has a publication in which two motherboards with passive cooling have been mentioned. This may mean that this update will affect only some models, and not the entire series of boards X570. It is worth noting that this will not be the first models of Maternal ASUS X570 cards with passive cooling. Rog Crosshair Vii Dark Hero was previously released.

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ROG Crosshair VIII ______
ROG Strix X570 _______

New passively cooled #ROG #X570 motherboards are coming soon in Q3, stay tuned!

The timing of the appearance of updated Maternations X570 will certainly be subject to the question of AMD’s intention relative to AM4 socket and the possible periods of its successor.

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