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A major lawsuit against Facebook in the European Union unexpectedly ended with an American company’s partnership with the plaintiff

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Three years ago, several consumer organizations headed by the European Association of Consumer EUROConsumers sued Facebook, accusing the American company in the illegal data collection of millions of users. Now it became known that a collective claim has become imperceptible to a new partnership with Facebook.

Image: Politico.

For a collective claim with the requirement of individual monetary compensation, more than 300 thousand users from several EU countries joined the Facebook guilt. The protection of users in the courts of Spain, Italy, Belgium and Portugal was engaged in organizing Euroconsumers. Recently, the consumer association announced the settlement of the dispute with Facebook and signing the agreement aimed at ensuring the “security and confidentiality” of user data.

Originally, Euroconsumers announced its intention to demand compensation in the amount of 200 euros for each user whose data were processed with violation of legislation. In fact, it turned out that the court decision will not be on this case. There will also be no recognition of offenses from Facebook and payments from the company to consumers as part of damage compensation. The source notes that this once again proves that collective claims in Europe rarely end positively for applicants.

Instead of compensation for damage, Facebook users and human rights organizations will form a joint committee whose work will be based on three priorities: sustainability, expansion of digital technologies and combating fraud. EUROCONSUMERS refused comments about the possible payments of Facebook of the human rights organization to resolve this issue.

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