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At Tiktok sued the court in Europe for insufficient protection of children and require € 1.4 billion compensation

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The marketing research fund (SOMI) sued Amsterdam a collective claim against the Tiktok social network, representing more than 64 thousand parents from the Netherlands and some other EU countries. The popular service is accused of spreading content dangerous to children, as well as the insufficient protection of confidential data of minor users. As part of this trial, Somi asks the court to recover from Tiktok 1.4 billion euros.

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In the SOMI statement, among other things, it is said that Tiktok collects children’s data without proper permission. It is also noted that the Chinese platform collects more data than is required, which is a violation of the current legislation of the European Union.

«It is not clear how Tiktok uses personal data. This applies to, for example, personalized advertising and information transfer in the United States and China. In addition, they do not ask for data collection permits properly. Young people under the age of 16 can easily create a profile without parental permission, “the lawyer Somi Dowwe Linders commented on this question.

Another reason for the claim was dangerous content. According to SOMI, the Content published in Tiktok has already led to the death of several children around the world. We are talking about different kind of dangerous trials that some channels are offered to pass through their subscribers. The company believes that content of this kind is dangerous, even if it does not lead to a fatal outcome, since it can cause a child psychological or physical injury. Somi wants to recover from Tiktok from € 500 to € 2000 for each child, whose parents joined the collective claim.

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