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Canada will force youtube, Tiktok and other sites to promote local content

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Canadian authorities intend to force global Internet sites to contribute to the promotion of local media and media companies. Officials are also ready to take a number of other regulatory acts already named by many politicians and experts “the most aggressive web laws received by the Western Nation.”


Moreover, Canada intends to introduce a special tax on digital services in 2022, despite the agreements concluded earlier with other countries. It is known that additionally the Canadian authorities want to explore the experience of Australia, trying to achieve compensation from sites like Google for the content provided by media resources. Moreover, it is planned to create a new regulator agency to combat hatred in the network and other dangerous users.

«The federal government speaks of the selection of winners and losers in the sector of free self-expression, “says representatives of the Canadian opposition.

The authorities have its own point of view. In their opinion, new measures are designed to help the local media sector, giving way to earn global digital corporations and contribute to the promotion of local artists.

It is not only about readiness to force the companies like Netflix, Walt Disney and Spotify share part of profits from the local market to create your own Canadian materials, but also about the intention of local regulators literally to pride the service algorithms like YouTube in order for users with Canadian IPs to receive links On Canadian creative in the first lines of search results.



For example, at the moment, Bon Jovi, Guns N ‘Roses and AC / DC are available on request “The Best Rock Songs”. If the Canadian plan succeeds to implement, the user will first see references to Nickelback, Avril Lavigne and Easy Plan.

The authorities claim that large corporations from the United States dominate the network, whose algorithms dictate, which will see and hear the Canadian user. In a particularly difficult position, Canadians – Francophones and all sorts of racial and ethnic minorities are provided. It is noteworthy that the initiative of the Canadian authorities is also supported by local media companies, calculating to break up the search results.

New initiatives are similar to the measures taken by the EU in 2018. Here there is a quota that prescribes member countries does not allow services like NetFlix to fill in European content directories less than 30%. At the same time, in contrast to Canadian proposals, such measures do not apply to services like YouTube and Tiktok with amateur content.

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