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Export spending sharply fell due to the new Apple Privacy Policy

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The Fresh Report states that the “transparency of tracking transparency in applications”, which debuted in iOS 14.5, can turn into billions of dollars for advertising business. Experts have already noted a significant reduction in spending on advertising. Blis stated that the cost of advertising decreased by 11 percent due to the fact that users increasingly began to prohibit applications to track their actions.


It is reported that in some countries the decline is more pronounced. For example, in the UK, the average cost of advertising fell by 36 percent. It is argued that the further decline in prices for advertising services will lead to the outflow of billions of dollars from the industry. A study conducted by IMORE publishing in April showed that only two percent of iOS users are ready to provide all applications permission to track their actions. For 22 percent of people, the decision will depend on what application is trying to get permission. 71.6 percent of users categorically refused to share with the application developers with their data.



Recall that earlier Facebook actively criticized new privacy rules in IOS 14, stating that they harm to small businesses, which relies on targeted advertising. According to fresh data, Apple can increase the cost of own advertising services in the App Store, where developers can pay companies for advertising their products in the app store.

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