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Facebook decided not to notify half a billion users about leaking their data

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Facebook notified 530 million users of the social network to leak their personal data on the Internet. About this writes Reuters. The representative of the platform also stated that the developers do not plan to notify them in the future about it.

Dado Ruvič, Reuters

The company stated that they have no accurate and complete information about affected users. The representative of the social network also stated that published information was publicly available before leakage, and users could not solve this problem.

In early April, journalists found a database on the Internet, as part of which contained 533 million records with personal user data. She was published by one of the users of hacker forums. It includes phone numbers, identifiers, email addresses and much more. The list even turned out to be personal information Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg).

A few days later, director of Facebook product management Mike Clark (Mike Clark) stated that the leakage occurred not as a result of hacking. According to him, the database consists of information that has been collected from open sources using special software. The collection was carried out until September 2019.

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