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Google photos will no longer pretend that retains compressed photos in high quality

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From the first of June, Google photos will no longer provide users with unlimited storage for photo and video. On the eve of this innovation, Google reported that it will no longer assign photos and videos, compressed service tools, the “High Quality” mark.


After June 1, users of branded smartphones Google Pixel will still be able to keep an unlimited photo and video in their library in the cloud. And only 15 GB of repository will be available to users of other smartphones. However, photos and video downloaded by users before June will not be taken into account in this quota. For users who want to optimize their photobibele, Google announced a new tool that will detect and remove poor-quality blurry images. It can be found in the “Warehouse Management” section of Google Apps. The search giant also reported that it would notify the service users that the free space in the cloud ends.



It is reported that existing Google Pixel smartphones will be the latest devices of the company that will receive an unlimited storage in Google photo. Especially lucky owners of the original Pixel presented in 2016. They will be able to save photos and video in Google photos in unlimited quantities and without compression until their device work.

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