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Google Stadia’s streaming gaming service left the product manager

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As reported by Edition The Information, Vice-President and Google Stadia, John Justice, left the company in a couple of months after it closed all the internal development teams in the cloud geminal service unit.

«We can confirm that John no longer works on Google, and wish him success in his next step, “said the 9To5Google spokesman. Justice’s care followed the Google’s February announcement on the closure of all internal teams on the development of Stadia projects within a large-scale change in the course, as a result of which the flow platform will focus on cooperation with third-party game companies.

«We believe that this is the best way to turn Stadia into a long-term and sustainable business that helps to develop the industry, “said Stadia CEO Phil Harrison (Phil Harrison) then.

According to Kotaku, which were confirmed by the sources of VGC, Google reported to their studios of development in Montreal and Los Angeles, that they will be closed, and their projects are canceled.

Stadia Development Manager Jade Raymond (Jade Raymond), Assassin’s Creed Veteran and the founder of the EA Motive Studio, then left the company. The same did the team, previously known as Typhoon Studios, the developer of last year’s adventure Journey to the Savage Planet.

After his departure, Raymond founded an independent studio of Haven Entertainment, which creates a game project with the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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