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Google will expand the capabilities of digital stores for sale through the search engine, maps and YouTube

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Google announced the expansion of digital stores for the sale of goods through their services. Now companies will be able to sell goods directly through the search engine, cartographic service and YouTube. This is reported on the developer’s blog.


Developers are expanding cooperation with e-commerce platforms so that as many stores as possible gained access to their services. Last week, Google announced cooperation with Shopify. Now the company expands partnership with Square, Woocommerce and Shop Pay.

New Google tools will allow companies to sell goods directly from Google Maps, and the availability and ratings of sellers will be posted in the “Shopping” tab. Also, an IT giant will add new features to the image search page, which has historically been deprived of e-commerce. In addition, the developers are already tested by the service for adding new purchases on YouTube. Presumably, so the company is struggling with Amazon dominance in the field of online trading.

Executive Director of the analytical firm of e-commerce Profitero Brian Wiener (Bryan Wiener) stated in a conversation with Bloomberg that Google will lose if Amazon becomes a basic store for e-commerce. In his opinion, the company has the advantage that it can help its current corporate clients who are already paying for promotion, find their buyers.

Experts also note that advertising in the search for Google still remains one of the most sought-after services. The director of Marketing Xena Workwear noted that their company spends about $ 10 thousand a week on advertising in the company’s services and receives 2-3 times more profits.

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