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Google will provide users with more tools to monitor personal data

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Google has announced the improvement of its products to provide longer control over their personal data. Users will be able to quickly remove their search history, will better control information about their location and much more. The Guardian writes about it.


The developers announced a number of confidentiality control tools. Among them, quickly cleaning the search history for the last 15 minutes, a new folder with photographs with protection using a password on Android devices and additional reminders about the location tracking history in Google Maps.

In addition, the company will add an improved password manager for various devices. It will warn users if any password detect among leaks on the network. Also, developers will create the register of Android applications, in which it will be indicated which permissions the owner provided them. Through it can be blocked access to some functions.

It should be noted that these changes contradict the Basic Business Google – advertising on the network. When Apple declared changes to IOS privacy rules, which provide users with improved data control, Google did not announce similar tools on Android. Google representatives noted only that this can have a “significant influence” on their income from advertising.

The main analyst Telsyte Fodaghi (FOAD FADAGHI) suggested that this way the company seeks to avoid potential government regulation in the future and justify the expectations of its data protection users. He also believes that in the future, Google will be able to monetize some of the confidentiality features.

Apparently, the actions of the IT giant really correspond to the interests of users. According to the TelsenTe survey in 2021 among Australians, 58% stated that “put a lot of effort so as not to disclose their information on the network.”

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