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Hackers who hacked COLONIAL PIPELINE systems received from companies $ 90 million redemption

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Darkside Hackers Group, standing behind the hacking system of the American Pipeline Holding COLONIAL PIPELINE system, has already received $ 90 million in cryptocurrency. It turned out that dozens of companies became victims of extortioners.


Earlier this month, Kiberatak to the COLONIAL PIPELINE information systems made the owners stop the work of almost 9,000 kilometers of the fuel pipeline in the south-east of the United States. According to reports, to restore the functionality of Colonial systems paid criminals about 5 million dollars.

Darkside Group, allegedly Eastern European, usually blocks access to computer-sacrificed computer systems using special software for the subsequent receipt of ransom. To restore access, payments in cryptocurrencies are usually required.

On Friday, Elliptic IT-company analysts stated that the Bitcoin-wallet of extortioners was identified to receive money from attacked companies. On the same day, Intel 471 information security specialists stated that Darkside ceased after losing access to their servers, and its cryptococheries were empty. In the Darkside itself refer to “Pressure by the United States”.

Elliptic has already reported that Darkside and affiliate groups over the past 9 months have received at least $ 90 million from 47 victims. The average payment was about $ 1.9 million. According to experts, before Kryptokostele Darkside empty, 5.3 million dollars were kept in it. According to the CNBC portal, according to rumors, this money was unknown by the US government’s hand.

Already complained to Darkside attacks and other companies, including, for example, the European division of Toshiba. US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) has already signed a government order aimed at the additional strengthening of US cyber security.

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