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Huawei will focus on developing to resist US sanctions

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The founder of Huawei Technologies Ren Zhengfei called for employees to “gain courage” to become one of the leaders in software development. The company seeks to become independent of the United States in this sector. This writes Reuters with reference to the company’s internal letter.

Source Reuters

The letter argues that in the short term, Huawei will be difficult to produce advanced equipment. Therefore, companies need to focus on creating software ecosystems, such as Harmonyos, cloud artificial intelligence MindSpore and other IT products.

Ren also noted that future developments will become US noncontrollable, thanks to which the company will have great independence and autonomy. “When we dominate the European and Asia-Pacific market, the United States will not be able to enter it if our standards will not coincide and they will not let us down on their territory,” the letter says.

As the edition notes, Huawei is known for its exhausting workcrop. Therefore, the company’s management advises to hire psychologists to help young workers adapt to a new place of work.

Huawei entered the Black List of the United States in 2019. Then the president was Donald Trump and the main goal was to limit the company’s access to critical American technologies. Despite the change of the president in 2021, Joe Biden has not yet given any guidance on the weakening of restrictions.

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