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In the UK and the EU investigate the possible non-competitive behavior of Amazon

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The United Kingdom antimonopoly regulator began investigating against Amazon.com INC, suspected of non-competitive behavior. Management on Competition and Markets (CMA) follows the example of European colleagues, also collecting and analyzing information on the company’s activities.


Although the investigation in the UK is still continuing, it is also known that CMA intends to find out whether the owner of the trading platform is provided by the preferences of those sellers who enjoy logistic services and affiliated with Amazon delivery services.

The actions of the British regulator followed the beginning of the analysis of AMAZON activities in the EU. Facebook is already paying close attention, as well as many technical gigs from the silicon valley – the Government not only Europe, but in all over the world, everything is more willing to initiate checks as the corporations are gaining strength and take away the monopoly in many areas of life.

CMA analysts focused on how exactly Amazon uses data collected on its trading platform, and as a company decides, which sellers will appear in the recommendation panel – in her Amazon puts the proposal of sellers of a specific requested product, and it is one of the main tools, Stimulating sales.

The same panel has become an object of attention and from European regulators. They intend to find out whether the company did not violate antitrust laws, using the information received on independent sellers to favor its own division occupied by retail trade. The region is interested in “very specific business behavior” associated with a double role of the company – it acts as a marketer for small sellers and itself is a seller, often – similar products.

In November, Amazon rejected the suspicions of European regulators. At the same time, if the company is recognized as guilty of non-competitive behavior, it faces the risk of potential penalties in the amount of 10% of the volume of annual sales or order to change business practices.

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