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Indian court struggles with video flow in whatsapp

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Delhi Supreme Court issued a resolution in favor of copyright holders to the new movie “Radhe: Your most wanted bhai”, which is distributed by local pirates including through the Whatsapp messenger. The court decision says that whatsapp should block user accounts that presumably violate the copyright for this film, as well as restricting the service to other users who lead pirate activities.

Image: Instant Bollywood

As for the film itself “Radha: Your most wanted bhai,” he is a fighter, shot by Zee Entertainment in the best traditions of Indian cinema. Initially, the film was supposed to go out in May last year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was launched on May 13 of this year. Immediately, videos, which, according to the copyright holder, spread illegal copies of the militant on the Internet, including WhatsApp and Telegram.

«Officials actively track phone numbers that are involved in piracy and take the necessary measures. Zee also appealed to the public, looking for support for stopping piracy, not only for the film “Radha”, but also for any content, “says Zee Entertainment statement.

It is worth noting that Zee tried to directly contact WhatsApp, providing phone numbers of users who are engaged in piracy. However, the service response from the Facebook belonging was not followed, after which the company appealed to the court. During the meeting, the lawyer of the plaintiff said that WhatsApp rules provide for blocking accounts related to copyright infringement. The company believes that WhatsApp should block users who illegally distribute the film mentioned.

The court decision says that WhatsApp should block user accounts that lead illegal activities on the platform within 24 hours. The court also decided to disclose data related to at least eight telephone numbers through which pirated content was distributed. It is expected that the next court session on this case will be held on June 1.

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