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Microsoft will get rid of Internet Explorer in the summer of 2022

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Microsoft will finally refuse Internet Explorer next year, after more than 25 years after the launch of the first version of the browser. Once it was used by the overwhelming majority of users and even was used to access the Internet from Apple computers. However, the Internet Explorer era of left and Microsoft finally spreads it on June 15, 2022.


Microsoft Edge’s program manager stated that the company’s new browser based on the Chromium engine will completely replace the archaic Internet Explorer after a year. However, this concerns only consumer assemblies of Windows 10. Releases of the operating system with long-term service (LTSC) will have support for Internet Explorer for some time.

It is worth noting that companies that for some reason need Internet Explorer will be able to use IE mode in EDGE represented a couple of years ago. It helps to use a modern browser for access to outdated websites and ActiveX elements. Microsoft promises that this mode will be supported by EDGE at least until 2029.



Microsoft is trying to “kill” Internet Explorer for more than five years. After the EDGE browser appeared in 2015, Microsoft began to call IE “solution to ensure compatibility”, and not a browser and called on its customers to refuse to obsolete software. Last year, Internet Explorer 11 lost to support Microsoft Teams web application, and later this year, Microsoft 365 services will be stopped.

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