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Mozilla will launch an advertising campaign with the aim of telling people about targeting advertising

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The Mozilla Developer Team announced the resumption of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. The company decided to take this step to demonstrate users of the work of targeting advertising. Forbes writes about this.

Bleeping Computer

Mozilla browser is known for its privacy policy aimed at careful handling of user data. Therefore, the developers launched the corresponding advertising campaign. Now users Instagram and Facebook will be able to see colored advertisements on the topic of the horoscope. Depending on the date of birth, they will be orange, blue, bright pink or red. If the user clicks on them, the system will send it to the Mozilla website, where the work of marketers with user data is described.

Mozilla will spend $ 10 thousand on this advertising campaign. Thus, the company seeks to show an example to other brands.

«Advertising on Facebook and Instagram shows what needs to be understood that they are these tools. This is a supervised ecosystem, which is inherently bad. There is nothing wrong with the advertisement, but terrible how many personal data of users is on the network without their knowledge. They do not know all the details that are used for targeting, “said Mozilla Director of Marketing Mozilla Lindsey Shepard.

Mozilla stopped displaying advertising on Facebook and Instagram about three years ago. The reason was the problem of social networks with data confidentiality. In response, why the advertisement was resumed right now, Shepard replied that “her decision could change depending on the situation.”

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