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Only 7% of “Halaviers” bought something in Epic Games Store

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The trial between Epic Games and Apple shed light on numerous facts about the Epic Games Store digital platform. For example, it turned out how much the platform-container paid developers and publishers for free distributions of their games. In addition, the number of users who participated in these promotions became known to this, but at the same time they bought something in EGS.

According to the official list of Epic Games, the company distributed millions of copies of games in the framework of the free distribution of the Epic Games Store. For this, she paid the publishers and developers of the sum from Mala (5 thousand per RIME, for example) to Velika (5 million per Batman: Arkham Collection). Epic Games suits free distributions for one purpose – attracting new users, as well as increasing activity among those who have already registered. And in this worse, the action-platformer Celeste showed itself. Epic Games paid 50 thousand for him, but in return received only 62,523 new accounts. It comes out, every new user who has come to the service for this game, cost the company in 2.

Nevertheless, free distributions are still attracting new people in the Epic Games Store. Unfortunately for the company, not many of them are delayed in the store to acquire anything there. The Epic Games document says that only 7% of users who have received the game for free, made any purchase.

So, it becomes more and more understandable why the CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has previously stated that the Epic Games Store is unprofiled and will not be such until 2023. But all this seems to be part of a large-scale plan.

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