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Overwatch lost the lead artist on characters

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The leading artist on the characters of both parts of Overwatch Renault Galan (Renaud Galand) in a personal microblog announced the decision to leave the team and Blizzard Entertainment as a whole.

Image Source: ArtStation

The causes of the departure Galan did not revealed, but for almost 12 years spent in the walls of Blizzard Entertainment, the most heat was recalled: the period of work in the studio, the artist called one of the best experiences in his life.

«Divided with all of you so much amazing discoveries, joy, fear, excitement and enthusiasm – be it Titan, Overwatch or Overwatch 2. It was one of the best moments in my life, and I will cherish them forever, “Galan shared.

Wherever the former leading leading artist on the characters Overwatch moves on, while it is not known, but Galan himself assures that he chose a “new exciting adventure” for himself.

Источник изображения: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

During work in the Overwatch team, Galan managed to apply a hand to creating images of a number of heroes Overwatch (Torbjorn, Kryvik, Turbosvin, Symmetra and others), as well as Overwatch 2 (Angel, Tracer, Rock Widow).

Recall, in the second half of April of the current year, BLIZZARD ENTERTINMENT announced the head of the development of both Overwatch Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan).

Overwatch 2 is scheduled for launch not earlier than 2022 per PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The basic changes in the PVP mode compared to the first part of the developers told in the framework of the recent broadcast.

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