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Portal shielding moved from the dead point, but the film by Half-Life is not worth waiting for

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Directed by J. J. Abrams (J. J. Abrams) stated that the screening of the scientific fiction franchise Portal is still in development. From the moment that first was announced on the film plans in cooperation with Valve, and eight years later.

Portal 2. Source: Steam

For the first time, Abrams announced his intention to work with the Half-Life developer during the DICE conference in 3013, but since then there was little shielding. Communicating with IGN this week, the director told the news about the film: “In [Warner Bros.] already writes script for the film. We are delighted with the idea and initial presentation, so it seems that the film is finally stood on the rails. “

Abrams did not disclose the acting and filming composition. He added that it would be happy to expand the Universe Portal outside the video game. “She has a huge potential for many reasons, one of which is a limited narrative of the game, as if brilliantly told it. She has a huge potential. It will be superweight, “he said.

Portal 2. Источник: Steam

Portal 2. Source: Steam

The news on the adaptation of Half-Life is less positive: to the question of the status of the film that the producer company Abrams Bad Robot has developed as of September 2016, Abrams said: “We do not take active participation in the adaptation of Half-Life at the moment.”

Portal tells the story of a silent heroine Chell, which is trying to escape from the test object of the Aperture Science laboratory. At its disposal there is only a device that can open portals on the surfaces of a certain type. An antagonist Chell stands by the distraught artificial intelligence Glados.

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