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Rumors: Netflix conceived to create a gaming unit

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According to fresh data, NetFlix can create a gaming unit. Network users found an announcement of the vacancy, which states that the company is looking for a leader to supervise the development of video games. Familiar with the question of people reported that it talks about the intention of the branding giant to go beyond the familiar non-interactive types of entertainment.

Image source: techradar.com

Sources report that Netflix has already suggested by a mentioned vacancy of several people who lead guidelines in the gaming industry. It is worth noting that this is not the first attempt by the company to go to the playing field. The representative of Netflix confirmed that the service subscribers highly appreciated interactive shows, as well as games based on the series “Very strange business” (Stranger Things) and some others. The company is ready to expand the set of available on the content platform, based on the wishes and needs of users.

If the rumors are true, it means that Netflix, which for the most part held at a distance from the development of games, took a different position. Reed Hastings Company, Director General, recognizes the attractiveness of large games like Fortnite and notes that the shooters in the genre of the royal battle are a more serious competitor for NetFlix than any other streaming video service. Nevertheless, in 2019, the leader said that the company is not interested in the popularity of cloudy geiming.


It is not yet clearly, there will be Netflix to create their own games or will allow third parties to publish their development on their platform. Analysts believe that the company is unlikely to present large games with the open world. It is assumed that we are talking about episodic projects in which users will be able to play as new series release.

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