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“Smart” reviews appeared in Yandex.Market – they write them to neural network based on user comments

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Yandex has launched a neural network to write generalized reviews in Yandex.Market. They will be based on comments and opinions of buyers. This writes Tjournal.


The function is designed to simplify the process of forming opinions from users about the product. The reviews will consist of two parts – a detailed description of the product and partition with the characteristics that mark most often. The latter includes design, assembly quality, noise level and much more.

At the first stage of testing, the texts of the neural network will submit editors. It is necessary to avoid linguistic and semantic errors. If this is not done, sometimes there may be contradictory allegations in the reviews when the service simultaneously advises to purchase goods and at the same time argues that its purchase will disappoint the buyer. In the future, the AI ​​will learn how to form reviews more competently.



Neuraltie reviews are still available parts of users and only 50 thousand most popular goods. In the future, the company will add reviews for neural networks to all products.

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