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Social networks do not cause problems with mental health of adolescents, found out in Oxford

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A new study conducted by the Oxford Institute of the Internet has shown that the relationship between the use of digital technology teenagers and the deterioration of their mental health is very dubious. In the study, the data for which was collected since 1991, 430,561 people from the United States and the UK took part.


Researchers tried to find the relationship between the use of social networks and depression, emotional and behavioral problems. They also studied how television influences mental health and tried to find out whether the use of digital technologies increases suicide.

As a result, research it turned out that the use of social networks and browsing a telecast to a small extent associated with depression. However, they noticed that social networks can cause other emotional problems. As for problems with behavior and suicidal inclinations, scientists did not find any relationship with the use of social networks.



Oxford Institute of the Internet declares that the results of the study do not confirm the concerns of people that technologies adversely affect adolescents. However, researchers emphasize the need to expand cooperation between technological companies and scientists, which will allow them to operate with a large number of information and more accurate data in their research.

Researchers say that it is still too early to make final conclusions about the relationship between social networks and mental health of adolescents.

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