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Sony confirmed Testing Stream Video Service PlayStation Plus Video Pass in Poland

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Sony confirmed the information about testing a streaming video service called Video Pass, which will be available as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription. The new service will open access to numerous films, serials and television shows, and its testing will be held throughout the year among PS PS users in Poland. Will it expand its geography with time, while it is unknown.

In an interview with the Polish portal of Spider’s Web, Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President, Nick Maguire (Nick Maguire), spoke about the fact that the new service is a streaming video application that will be available for free owners of the active PS PLUS subscription on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles . At the time of launch, users will be able to see 15 films and six TV shows owned by Sony Pictures, and every three months the library will be replenished with new content.

Back in the course of the conversation, it was said that at this stage Sony intends to concentrate on the development of the service in Poland. It is not known whether the VIDEO PASS is planned to be deployed in other countries.

The new cutting service can be for the Sony tool to increase the value of the PS PS PS subscription: at the disposal of the Sony extensive library of films and serials, as well as anime, available through the company FUNIMATION and CRUNCHYROLL. The last Sony bought in December last year by more than billion. Since on August 31, from August 31, the possibility of buying and renting movies and TV shows will disappear from August 31 from PlayStation Store, the Video Pass service can be a new way to view a video content for the PlayStation console owners.

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