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Support for Linux applications in Chrome OS left the beta testing stage

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Support for Linux applications in Google Chrome OS appeared in 2018. At first, this feature was extremely unstable. Most of the programs did not work, and those that were still launched, disappeared by users with graphic artifacts and other errors. However, today CROStini, Linux program development environment for Chrome OS, works well enough to exit the beta testing stage.

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According to the announcement made by Google at the I / O conference on May 19, in Chrome OS 91, the Linux program launch feature will lose the status of “beta” and offer users an increased stability, improved USB support, a new terminal application, and the ability to forward ports. Google also reported that the Crostini environment will now be automatically updated with Chrome OS.

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Google said that Chrome OS, among other things, would also be able to use the Vulkan API responsible for supporting three-dimensional graphics in games. It is not yet known when this happens, however, it is likely that the Vulkan API also debuts in Chrome OS 91.

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